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Question: How do I log-in to Kuali?
Answer: Contact the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Cindy Mohat ( 817-272-0117) or Peggy Morales ( 817-272-0198) to become vetted into the system. They will need your full name, your department, and your email address. You will then be directed to the log-in location.

Question: What is the log-in address for Kuali?
Answer: The log-in address is:
You can either type in the address each time or you can go to your browser history and pull the address up there and click on it to take you to the log-in. You cannot bookmark the site. You will get a message saying “You are now logged out of the system”.

Question: Why do I have to develop a plan or keep my plan updated?
Answer: Developing a plan will enable UT Arlington to carry on the university’s mission and recover from or lessen the impact of an incident. Carrying out the mission of the university under adverse conditions means that campus may be working with diminished resources, such as loss of space or information technology infrastructure. Critical functions will be identified in your plan that will help limit vulnerability.

Question: What is the process of creating a plan?
Answer: The department dean or director will lead a small planning team to determine who will need to go to an orientation. (The short list of individuals who have been picked should be those that will be inputting the data into the system.)

  • Identified individuals who will attend one of the orientations.
  • Begin to develop your plan. Once the plan has been created, send an email to OEM to let them know you are done, and they will review the plan and offer any suggestions to fill gaps.
  • Once your plan has been updated with the suggestions, put the plan on a site or hand around a hard copy and have the department review the plan.
  • Once they have read the plan, have them sign the “Review Sheet”. Send a copy of the Review Sheet to OEM and you will be done with your plan.

Question: Once my department has read the plan and the Review Sheet has been signed, how do I show that action on my plan?
Answer:  At the top of your home page, click the “Edit this plan” link.  On the left sidebar under “About Plan,” click “Update plan status.”  Fill in the appropriate information, and then click “Mark this plan complete.”

Question: Once my plan is complete am I done for the year?
Answer: No. You have to either participate in an exercise that has been scheduled by OEM or you may create your own exercise. Call OEM for further information on creating your own exercise.

Question: What is an action item at the end of the plan?
Answer: An action item is a task that you are working on to improve your preparedness in the department. Examples: Create a phone tree and disseminate it to the department. Have key people develop a 72-hour kit and bring it to work. Identify all people in the department who can connect through virtual private network (VPN) to the campus network or systems. Never have more than one or two action items to work on in any given year.

Question: What is the Step by Step Process for Activation?
Answer: When a disaster strikes the campus and your department is affected either by your building being affected or you have limited staff, this document is an instrument to follow in activating your plan. As you read the steps of implementation, if you find that you do not have what is being asked, then that would be a great action item to work on for the year.

Question: How do I change the title and or date on my plan?
Answer:  Go to the left sidebar, click on “Department Information.”  You will see where you can change the name and or date.

Question: Does the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) tool ask others questions about full-time employees (FTE’s) in another tab?
Answer:  Yes.  The FTE numbers you identified in the “Department Information” link will come up again in “Key Resources/Staffing Requirements.”  Whatever you put in the “Department Information” section should match you FTE’s in the “Key Resources/Staffing Requirements.”

Question: Do I have to fill in all blanks?
Answer: Yes. You must fill in all the comment sections. If you have no comments write: “no”, “N/A”, “none” or other words that express that the question does not apply. Please read the question and make sure the comment is appropriate.

Question: After I completed each page of questions, should I just continue on or should I “save and continue”?
Answer: Always save your work on each page.

Question: I am so busy each day and cannot find time to work on the plan for hours at a time. How can I complete the plan in the allotted time?
Answer: Our suggestion to you is to work on the plan for 30 minutes at a time or maybe set a goal of completing a section a day or a tab in a week. Don’t procrastinate or let the time get away from you. The due date will creep up on you. The BCP planners suggest that you complete your plan within 2 months.

Question: When is the Business Continuity Plan due?
Answer: Plans are due on the 4th Friday of October at close of business. That will give OEM time to review all the plans and send them back if gaps exist. On October 31st of each year, a memorandum is created and sent to Mr. John Hall, Vice President of Administration and Campus Operations, detailing the status of all the BCPs.

Question: How do I print my plan?
Answer:  Go to your home page and at the top left side, click the link called “Print this plan” or “PDF.”  Either link will provide you with a printed plan.

Question: Do I fill in the entire plan by myself?
Answer:  No.  There is a section for your technology support or Office of Information Technology (OIT) to complete.  If you are in an academic department, you may have an instructor or other supporting person assist you.

Question: How do I have different people help me fill in the plan?
Answer:  You can do this task two ways. 1) You may print out the interview forms (found on the bottom of your home page.)  Individuals will fill-out the hard copy and then you will input the data. 2) You can add them to your list of individuals who have on-line access to your plan.  You will make them a “Plan editor.”  They will have the rights to edit and view the plan, but cannot manage access to others users.  If you add a person to your plan, you must contact OEM with names of the individuals, so they can be vetted in the system.

Question: How many people should I add to my plan to make sure they can access our plan?
Answer: That is up to you. Most plans have 4 or 5 people who can get to the plan and can change it, or have read only access. You want to be able to have a few people get to your plan during a disaster.

Question: How many plans should I print out?
Answer: As many as you need to ensure key personnel have a copy at home and one at work. In case you are audited, have a binder with your plan, review sheet that is signed, Step by Step sheet, and the exercise you participated in during the year.

Question: What other documents should I have with my unit’s BCP?
Answer: You will be given a Handbook of Operations (HOP) Subs-chapter 200 Administration and Campus Operations at your orientation. It has the reasons you are completing a BCP, when it is due, who should have one, etc.


The key to a successful plan is one that is updated, people know you have one and have copies, and all boxes contain information.

Emergency or crime in progress: Dial 817-272-3003 //
Report a crime or non-emergency: Dial 817-272-3381