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Emergency Management Video

A short video was created to explain to faculty, staff, and students what to do if there is an active shooter on campus, where to go in an evacuation, or what to do when you shelter-in-place. Emphasizing the diversity of the whole community, this preparedness video strives to make UTA a safer, stronger community during a disaster.

North Central Texas Preparedness Program

This program promotes Think, Prepare, and Act strategies to enable you to become prepared for any incident.

  • Think - know the types of hazards that can affect your community
  • Prepare - tips to make sure you are ready for those emergencies
  • Act - getting involved

There are many hazards that face the university. It is important to be able to identify them and know what to do if they were to occur. The Office of Emergency Management encourages students, facility, and staff to learn more about the hazards that we could face every day and to be able to respond effectively. 

Disaster Hero Video Game

Do you have the skills needed to prepare, survive and recover from a natural disaster? Join Dante Shields, the internationally famous disaster specialist, and his genius prodigy, Mika, in the high-tech holographic simulation games-Disaster Hero. Compete against the members of Dante's elite disaster specialist team in four different disaster scenarios; earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. If you can prove victorious then you could become the next Disaster Hero!

Emergency or crime in progress: Dial 817-272-3003 //
Report a crime or non-emergency: Dial 817-272-3381