Police Department

Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily Crime Log

Nature of CallDate and Time ReportedDate and Time OccurredIncident #Street #Street NameDescriptionDispositions
Criminal Activity
Theft 11/20/2015  103511/17/2015  11002015-01047300FirstOfficers were dispatched to the University Center to investigate the theft of a Staff member's electronic tablet.Cleared – Unfounded
Obstructing Highway Passageway11/20/2015  122711/20/2015  12232015-01049300FirstPolice were dispatched to the University Center in reference to a student who was blocking the passageway to an elevator preventing Staff members from getting on.Cleared - Arrest
Places Weapons Prohibited11/20/2015  153411/20/2015  15342015-010501225PecanA Resident Advisor reported that a student told her that she may know of someone that may have a gun in their apartment. A Police investigation was initiated.No Further Action
Theft11/20/2015  135911/19/2015  22002015-01051601SummitOfficers investigated a report of the theft of two bicycles from Meadow Run Apartments.Cleared – Suspended
Theft11/20/2015  191611/19/2015  19002015-01053417SummitA student reported a stolen bicycle from Meadow Run Apartments.Cleared – Suspended
Warrant Service - Misdemeanor11/20/2015  231811/20/2015  23182015-01056701MitchellA non-student was arrested for outstanding warrants out of Ft. Worth Police Department.Cleared - Arrest
Drug Paraphernalia, Possession11/21/2015  011111/21/2015  01112015-01057550CenterFollowing an investigation, a student was issued a citation for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and arrested for misdemeanor warrants out of Dallas Police Department.Cleared - Arrest
Accident - Hit and Run11/21/2015  131411/20/2015  22002015-01060400SpanioloOfficers were dispatched to Lot 39 on a hit and run vehicle accident call. There were no injuries.No Further Action
Theft11/21/2015  215811/21/2015  17142015-01062700Greek RowA student reported his personal items had been stolen that had been left unattended in the Fine Arts Building.Cleared – Suspended
Consumption of Alcohol By A Minor11/22/2015  015211/22/2015  01522015-01063600SpanioloA student was issued a City of Arlington citation for Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor.Cleared- Citation
Theft11/22/2015  115411/12/2015  14402015-01064902Greek RowOfficers were dispatched to University Village Apartments in reference to a theft of personal property reported by a student.Cleared – Suspended
Other Activity
CTW, Criminal Trespass Warning11/20/2015  222111/20/2015  14212015-01055806BeringA non-student was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning for Centennial Court Apartments.No Further Action
Investigation11/21/2015  031511/21/2015  03152015-010591101CooperOfficers were dispatched to a criminal mischief call however following an investigation, it was determined that no offense had occurred.No Further Action

Please note: Crimes reported in the Crime Log are based on jurisdiction and not whether the crime was committed by a member of the UTA community.