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Daily Crime and Activity Log

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nature of CallDate and Time ReportedDate and Time OccurredIncident #Street #Street NameDescriptionDispositions
Criminal Activity
Criminal Mischief 04/12/2016 112004/8/2016 17012016-00543801Greek RowOfficers were dispatched to the Physical Education Building in reference to an investigation of a report that photographs were being altered.Cleared โ€“ Suspended
Theft04/12/2016 132804/7/2016 14002016-00544300FirstA student reported that her wallet had been stolen at University Center.Cleared โ€“ Suspended
Theft04/12/2016 143904/9/2016 10312016-00547500CenterA student reported the theft of personal belongings from the Lofts Apartments.Cleared โ€“ Suspended
Other Activity
Injured Person Medical Assist04/12/2016 112604/12/2016 11262016-00542701NeddermanOfficer was dispatched to an injured person call at Davis Hall. The injured staff member was transported to the hospital for evaluation.No Further Action
Injured Person Medical Assist04/12/2016 133304/12/2016 13332016-00545700Greek RowOfficer was dispatched to the Fine Arts building regarding a report that a staff member could possibly be ill. The staff member was later transported to the hospital.No Further Action
Emotionally Disturbed Person04/12/2016 135904/12/2016 13592016-00546602SecondOfficers transported a student from Ransom Hall to the hospital for a medical condition.No Further Action
Investigation04/12/2016 124304/12/2016 11182016-00548587SpanioloOfficers were dispatched to Vandergriff Hall in reference to an investigationNo Further Action
Fire04/12/2016 194804/12/2016 19482016-00549701NeddermanOfficers responded to a fire alarm at Texas Hall. Arlington Fire Department also responded and determined the alarm was caused by faulty equipment.No Further Action
Injured Person Physical Injury04/12/2016 210904/12/2016 21092016-005501022UTAPolice were dispatched to the Swift Center in reference to a medical assist/injured person. A student was later transported to the hospital for treatment.No Further Action
Accident, Major04/12/2016 215604/12/2016 21562016-00551400CooperPolice investigated a major accident. One student was transported to the hospital for treatment.No Further Action
Assist Agency04/12/2016 212904/12/2016 21292016-005521307MitchellOfficers assisted Arlington Police with a report of a possible assault that occurred off campus.No Further Action

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