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Daily Crime and Activity Log

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nature of CallDate and Time ReportedDate and Time OccurredIncident #Street #Street NameDescriptionDispositions
Criminal Activity
Terroristic Threats06/24/2016 084406/24/2016 08442016-00889701NeddermanOfficers were dispatched to the corner of Nedderman and Texas Hall Turnaround in reference to a suspicious person. The reporting person stated she was verbally threatened by an unknown person who was later identified as a non-student. Investigation is ongoing.Cleared - Exception
Assault - Physical Contact06/25/2016 012106/25/2016 000352016-00893412SummitOfficers were dispatched to Summit to investigate the report of eggs being thrown at students from a vehicle.Cleared – Suspended
Other Activity
CTW, Criminal Trespass Warning06/24/2016 203106/24/2016 20312016-00892100UTAPolice were dispatched to College Park North parking garage regarding suspicious persons located at that location. Two non-students were later issued Criminal Trespass warnings.No Further Action
Injured Person Medical Assist06/26/2016 164506/26/2016 16452016-00895700Mitchell CircleOfficers responded to a medical assist at Centennial Court apartments. A non-student was later transported to the hospital for evaluation.No Further Action
Accident, Minor06/26/2016 165506/26/2016 16552016-00896700MitchellPolice investigated a minor accident at Centennial Court Apartments. A non-student struck a metal gate with her vehicle. There were no injuries.No Further Action
CTW, Criminal Trespass Warning06/26/2016 224506/26/2016 22452016-008981100FourthOfficers investigated a report of objects being thrown from a moving vehicle on Fourth Street. The occupants of the vehicle were later located and issued Criminal Trespass Warnings for the entire campus.No Further Action
CTW, Criminal Trespass Warning06/27/2016 022606/27/2016 02262016-00899211CooperDuring a foot patrol of the Social Work Complex, Officers found an individual sleeping on the exterior West entrance stairwell. The non-student was subsequently issued a Criminal Trespass Warning for the entire campus.No Further Action

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