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Daily Crime Log

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nature of CallDate and Time ReportedDate and Time OccurredIncident #Street #Street NameDescriptionDispositions
Criminal Activity
Credit Card Or Debit Card Abuse06/14/2017 093806/13/2017 23592017-00933416YatesOfficer responded to the report of credit card abuse.Cleared – Suspended
Forgery/Financial Instrument06/14/2017 114006/6/2017 000012017-00934219MainPolice investigated the report of a forgery.Cleared – Suspended
Fail To Leave ID or Note Upon Striking Unatt. Veh06/14/2017 170106/14/2017 07302017-009371301MitchellOfficers were dispatched to investigate a report on duty on striking unattended vehicle.Cleared – Suspended
Duty On Striking Unattended Vehicle06/14/2017 170206/13/2017 08002017-009381101CooperOfficers responded to the report of a non-injury hit and run accident.Cleared – Suspended
Theft06/14/2017 183606/8/2017 18302017-00939416YatesSubject reported his bicycle tire had been stolen.Cleared – Suspended
Warrant Service - Misdemeanor06/15/2017 0003306/15/2017 000332017-009411200DivisionSubject was arrested for outstanding warrants.Cleared - Arrest

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