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Daily Crime Log

Monday, August 14, 2017

Nature of CallDate and Time ReportedDate and Time OccurredIncident #Street #Street NameDescriptionDispositions
Criminal Activity
Forgery08/11/2017 090608/10/2017 17002017-01202500CenterOfficers responded to a report of a possible forgery.Cleared – Suspended
Theft08/11/2017 023708/11/2017 12002017-01203500UTAOfficers responded to a report of a theft.Cleared – Suspended
DWI 08/13/2017 0004208/13/2017 000422017-01206800DivisionSubject was arrested for driving while intoxicated.Cleared - Arrest
DWI 08/13/2017 023608/13/2017 02362017-012071200CooperSubject was arrested for driving while intoxicated.Cleared - Arrest
Poss Marij < 2Oz08/13/2017 222108/13/2017 22212017-01209900FourthSubject was arrested for possession of marijuana.Cleared - Arrest
Warrant Service - Misdemeanor08/14/2017 012208/14/2017 01222017-012101200CooperSubject was arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrants.Cleared - Arrest
Criminal Trespass08/14/2017 021908/14/2017 02192017-01211400CenterOfficers were dispatched in reference to an investigation of criminal trespass.Cleared - Arrest

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