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UTA PD Hosts Tall Cop Says Stop Class

Thursday, August 30, 2018

UTA PD to Host Tall Cop Says Stop Class

The UTA Police Department invites you to attend a 2-day training, highlighting substance abuse among our younger generations.  Tall Cop Says Stop is a course for Law Enforcement Officers, Adult and Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers, and School Administrators who are dedicated to keeping our community and schools a drug free and safer place to live.  In order to prevent substance abuse from affecting our younger adults and youth, we MUST know what is going on in our communities.

Join us to learn about these new trends concerning drugs, alcohol and vapor cigarettes which have recently become very popular.  It is vital for all who are involved in law enforcement, prevention and education to understand these sweeping changes in the alcohol and drug culture. This training provides unique information about substance abuse by showcasing over 120 visual aids for participant interaction.

Come join us, together we can make a difference!

About the Instructor

Standing at 6’9”, Jermaine Galloway can look intimidating. But in fact, he’s a devoted, passionate man who cares about America’s (and beyond) youth and communities. That passion informs what he does with Tall Cop Says Stop. He has trained fellow officers, judges, educators, community leaders and many others in issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse.

With the help of his wife, Officer Galloway created the Northwest Alcohol Conference. This nationally recognized program provides training and enforcement strategies for community alcohol problems. A recent conference in Boise, Idaho attracted more that 400 people from 28 states. Officer Galloway has created several other community-based drug/alcohol prevention programs as well.

Jermaine Galloway has published articles in American Police Beat Magazine and various newspapers. In 2015, his program “You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know” was highlighted in the book Clearing the Haze by Dr. Christian Thurstone and Christine Tatum.

More About Jermaine Galloway

Course Details

February 4-5, 2019

Bob Duncan Center, 2800 S. Cooper Street

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Email Cpl. Yarbrough with questions

Course Flier

Emergency or crime in progress: Dial 817-272-3003 //
Report a crime or non-emergency: Dial 817-272-3381