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Neighborhood Police Officer Program

The UTA PD Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) program is a community-oriented policing initiative designed to empower patrol officers to practice community engagement and problem solving within the housing areas of campus.  By forming community partnerships with the residents and staff of on-campus housing these officers can better identify and work to solve problems. 

NPO’s are involved in crime prevention efforts to help increase the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff.  They provide residents with a direct source of assistance for both law enforcement and non-law enforcement issues.  NPO’s receive additional training in this area and will have increased involvement in their assigned housing areas, events, and activities. 

All members of the community are encouraged to reach out to their Neighborhood Police Officers directly, to discuss problems, strategies, and solutions. 

Arbor Oaks 

Officer Ames Picture

Officer Garrett Ames

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Garret enjoys camping and being outdoors.


Officer Valladares Picture

Officer Rudy Valladares

Shift:  11 PM to 7 AM

In his free time, Rudy enjoys playing video games and spending quality time with his family and dog.

Arlington Hall 


Centennial Court        

Officer Finney Picture

Officer Gregory Finney

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Greg previously served over 22 years in the U.S. Army, loves home interior design, and is a car enthusiast.

Officer Blanco Picture

Officer Jerry Blanco

Shift:  11 PM to 7 AM

Jerry's hobbies include cooking and flying airplanes.

Center Point Apartments

Officer Scullin Picture

Officer Keith Scullin

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

Keith likes to engage in all sorts of martial arts training.

Family Housing

Corporal King Picture

Corporal Jonathan King

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Jonathan is a film and music enthusiast.

Kalpana Chawla (KC) Hall

Officer Duty Picture

Officer Sharon Sheppard-Duty

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Sharon has been with UTA PD since 2007 and loves shopping.

Meadow Run Apartments

Officer Hunker Picture

Officer James Hunker

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

James enjoys playing with his dogs and gaming.


Officer Garza Picture

Officer Jarret Garza

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

Jarret has a passion for reading books.

The Heights on Pecan Apartments

Corporal Cohea Picture

Corporal Chandra Cohea

Shift:  11 PM to 7 AM

Chandra’s hobbies include attending WNBA Dallas Wings games and spending time with her family.

Officer Newcomb Picture

Officer John Newcomb

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

John likes 3D printing and gaming.

The Lofts at College Park Apartments

Officer Tompkins Picture

Officer Daniel Tompkins

Shift: 7 AM to 3 PM

Daniel loves watching nature documentaries and working on sculptures.

Timberbrook Apartments

Corporal Manor Picture

Corporal Joseph Manor

Shift:  11 PM to 7 AM

Joseph likes working on old cars and watching college football.


Officer Ramirez Picture

Officer Kristopher Ramirez

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Kris likes exercising and traveling.

University Village Apartments

Corporal DaSilva Picture

Corporal Leonid Dasilva

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Leonid enjoys traveling, exercising, and weightlifting.


Officer Major Picture

Officer Thomas Major

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

Thomas likes to go backpacking and working out.

Vandergriff Hall

Officer Douthitt Picture

Officer Garry Douthitt

Shift:  7 AM to 3 PM

Garry enjoys kayaking and flying drones.


Corporal Watkins Picture

Corporal Brian Watkins

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

Brian enjoys reading, fishing, and watching movies and his many favorite TV shows.

West Hall

Officer Reyes Picture

Officer Minerva Reyes

Shift:  3 PM to 11 PM

Minerva loves to watch movies.


Emergency or crime in progress: Dial 817-272-3003 //
Report a crime or non-emergency: Dial 817-272-3381