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Key Control Questions and Answers

Q: How long does it take to get my keys?
Usually 24 hours depending on the locksmith’s work load.  Seasonal orders take longer.  Be assured we are working to get your keys to you as soon as possible.  If your key order has been longer than two weeks, please call and let us know.

Q: When should I order keys?
Before ordering a key, make sure you don’t already have that key.  Please avoid ordering duplicates as this will slow the processing.  Duplicates are not issued.  The best time to order is once you know that you will need them.  Please allow sufficient time for processing.  Avoid last minute orders.

Q: Who is the approver for my key request? 
This is usually the Dean, Department Head, Director, or Vice President.  They may have named a proxy.

Q: Why doesn’t my key work or fit in the door? 
Double check your key order for accuracy prior to sending to Key Control.  Orders are filled based on the information supplied to us.  It is also possible the key was a miss-cut key or simply worn out.  Return the key for a replacement.  Key Control will provide this information to the locksmith shop for corrective action.

Q: Are there certain times to avoid ordering a key? 
You may order keys at any time you need them.  Key Control’s heavy orders are seasonal and the rush is toward the start and end of each semester, including summer classes.  During a seasonal rush, you should expect longer processing times.

Q: My keys are lost, what next? 
You must file a report with Key Control and make a police report.  Obtain all report numbers for your records.  You are financially responsible for the cost of replacement keys.  Payment can be made to the Student Accounts office or through your MyMav account online.  Bring the receipt to Key Control with a new, completed key request form for the replacements.

Q: What if I find the keys I reported lost? 
Return them to Key Control along with the replacement keys for confirmation and for further information.

Q: Why do I have a hold on my account?
You most likely have failed to return the keys after meeting your project obligations, your graduation, or employment with the university.

Q: I found the keys, but I live out of state. Now, what? 
Notify the Key Control Office that you found the keys.  You may send them certified mail (insured).  Once the keys are received, the hold will be removed.  If desired, we can call and let you know the status.

Q: Can I have a duplicate set of keys made, one for backup? 
No. The fewer keys you have, the less likely it is to lose them.

Q: What if my locks have been changed and the keys are no longer operational?
You are still responsible for the return of the keys to Key Control.  The key(s) may not work now, but they could very well work in other areas of the campus.  You should return them at your earliest convenience.

Q: May I turn in keys for other individuals? 
The key holder remains responsible for the keys until they are returned to Key Control.  This practice is strongly discouraged.

Q: Is it okay to have my secretary pick up my keys for me? 
No.  You must show proof of identification to Key Control and personally sign for the keys in the presence of the Key Control representative.

Q: Why has the process for requesting keys changed? 
Frustration existed with the paper process. To expedite delivery to Key Control and to help facilitate tracking, an electronic key request was developed.

Q: What is a key audit? 
A key audit is done annually and is used to help departments/colleges and the key holder to do a review of their keys and return what is no longer needed.

Q: I need keys immediately. Can a “rush” be placed on my order? 
Most everyone is in a rush to receive their keys.  All key orders are treated equally and processed as soon as possible.  Under true emergency conditions, an order may move ahead of others at the discretion of Key Control and Locksmith personnel.

Emergency or crime in progress: Dial 817-272-3003 //
Report a crime or non-emergency: Dial 817-272-3381